• The Aeolian Islands
    stand out against the backdrop of the sea.

    You can visit them, booking a mini-cruise, with daily departures, directly at the Residence. It's a special itinerary that will take you directly to Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli. You can swim in the sea, with its sulfur-rich mud and experience, among the Mediterranean colors, flashes of light, beautiful beaches and cliffs overlooking the sea, the famous Sciara del Fuoco, a stream of fire, of the volcano...

  • And here is Calabria:
    a rich mosaic of nature, history and culture.

    During your stay you will be undoubtedly attracted by the charm of Ancient Greece... Starting directly from the Residence , you can take interesting day trips to Stilo, Gerace, and Reggio Calabria, where the National Museum is home to the famous Riace bronzes, and many other exceptionally beautiful classic exhibits.

  • What else?

    We suggest, on the other side of the Strait of Messina, Taormina with its historic and artistic heritage and landscape of rare beauty.

    ...the area's history
  • Nearby there is the ancient and noble holiday city of

    which is beautiful with its intricate alleys, typical shops and the charm of its 18th century stately and aristocratic palaces.

  • On the Costa Viola the legendary
    Scilla awaits you

    It is a typical fishing village, where, in the Chianalea neighborhood the houses are built directly next to the sea. And then there are other possible excursions: Nicotera, Serra San Bruno, a mountain resort that is renowned for its spectacular forests and the beautiful monastery of the Carthusian monks and Pizzo Calabro and its Aragonese castle where Joachim Murat was shot, and its ice-cream truffles.

  • Guided tours are available
    in the sea and in the mountains

    You can hike in the highlands and at the SilaLakes, or take boat trips along the beautiful coast that stretches from Capo Vaticano to Tropea, stopping in the most exclusive coves.


... and in your spare time, new excitement

Those who wish can go on mountain bike excursions along the coast and inland and just outside the residence horseback riding, soccer and tennis are available.


And then lots of water sports: sailing, wind-surf, canoe, and underwater fishing. Our guests can take windsurfing and catamaran lessons directly on the beach.


The Mondo Blu qualified diving instructors are available for those who wish to go on diving excursions: a unique chance to discover ancient artifacts and beautiful sea bottoms along the coast.


Affiliated pool at 1 km.